75,00115,00 HT


Anti-Tarnish & Anti-Corrosion

Strong water repellency & UV resistant

Hardness >9H

Shine, Softness & Easy Wash

Environmentally friendly and REACH compliant

Suitable for professionals and users familiar with ceramics

PERMANENT Durability


1 Pair of gloves

2 Application suedines

1 Application pad

1 Microfibre high density 40CM X 40CM

FC-ONE ULTIMATE is to date the only ceramic coating that provides REAL PERMANENT protection against environmental aggressions, rain, UVs, bird droppings and minor scratches, preserving the aesthetic quality of automotive paintwork.

This new technology synergizes multifunctional molecules which, during the coating formation process, bind chemically, therefore irreversibly, to the surface of the paints to form a hard, uniform and compact coating that acts as a PERMANENT, WATERPROOF AND ANTICORROSION protective shield.

The coating levels out paint surface imperfections and provides unparalleled shine and depth of colour as well as softness to the touch. It forms a hydrophobic barrier, impenetrable to water, chemically resistant to all types of detergents, fuels and hydraulic fluids, while complying with the strictest chemical and environmental regulations (REACH & TSCA), for safe use and application. security. Its surface properties minimize the adhesion of dust and other road contaminants, facilitating regular washing. Its irreversible adhesion to paints coupled with its high density and chemical connectivity give it a minimum 9H scratch resistance.

In a single pass, the thickness formed is 5 microns (± 10%), more than 10 times greater than the majority of ceramic coatings available on the market.

FC – ONE ULTIMATE is the reference ceramic coating for the protection of automotive paintwork. Suitable for professionals.

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Eco-friendly & REACH compatible:

Fully complies with REACH regulations. Non-toxic to humans and the environment.


Dry adhesion (after curing and before any exposure): ISO 2409, class 0 (maximum adhesion)

Wet adhesion (after immersion in water for 14 days at room temperature): ISO 2409, class 0 (maximum adhesion)

Anti-corrosion :

Meets the most stringent corrosion standards; Acid Fog (CASS, >500h) and Neutral Salt Fog (ISO 9227, >1000h)

Chemical resistance:

High resistance to hydraulic fluids, fuels and alkaline (ISO 2812-1) and acidic (pH 1 – 14) detergents

Thermal resistance :

From – 60°C to +200°C

Surface compatibility:

Compatible with all paints

Hardness :


Durability :



See section “How to apply FUSIOCOAT

Touch dry: 15 minutes at room temperature (15 – 30 deg C)

Hardening: 24 hours at room temperature (15 – 30 deg C)